Snacks, fresh fruit, drinks – any office snack program you are looking to put together is all about boosting morale and increasing productivity in the workplace. When you provide snacks, it is a low cost perk that goes a long way. You will be repaid with greater output, improved loyalty, higher retention and happier employees. We know the work day can be unpredictable but having snacks on hand helps your team get through the surprise meeting, the long work day, the 3PM crash or the all-nighter.
At Office Grocery we carry all the snacks, drinks and other essentials an office would need. Unlike a supermarket, we don’t carry 20 types of each product. We choose great products that are priced right – we know offices care about their budget. Our website starts off with pre-built packages to help onboard a customer and we’re happy to customize your package to ensure you’re getting exactly what your office needs and wants.
You can always customize or make changes to your order. Just email us at OrderDesk@officegrocery.com or give us a call at 1-888-418-8405. We are here to help!
We deliver to many offices in Toronto, GTA, Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding areas. To find out if we can deliver to your area just ask us.
We deliver into offices 5 days a week. We try to be there as early as we can because we know our food is key to powering your employees through the day. The majority of deliveries are between 8AM and 1 PM. When you sign up we will give you a 90 minute delivery window but you will usually see us around the same time each week.
A great part of our service is we don’t need you to sign. We set up a location where to put the pantry snacks and we put all refrigerated items right into the fridge. We don’t need any signatures because if we are ever late we will let you know. Otherwise we are always on time with your order.
We always try to ensure that the fruit you get lasts as long as possible but the complex answer is, it depends. Different fruits have different shelf lives, as well as storage conditions affecting how long it will last. We suggest keeping the fruit, aside from the bananas, in the fridge to maximize freshness and quality. If you have any storage question just ask us. We have spent a lot of time figuring this out.
We are quality obsessed at Office Grocery so we are always ensuring your products have the longest shelf life possible.

  • Product Type Guaranteed days before expiry
  • Regular Milk Products 10 days
  • Juice Products 10 days
  • Yogurt 12 days
  • Cheese (Deli/grocery) 20 days
  • Bread, Bagels, etc 5 days
The fruit that is picked for your order is not washed, so we recommend washing the fruit before eating it.
At this point in time we do not. We haven’t had many requests for frozen items. Should it change in the future we will too, we are always trying to ensure our customers have what they are looking for.
We require at least 2 business days prior to your delivery day to guarantee any changes. This cut-off time allows us to prepare and ship your order most efficiently.

  • Delivery Day, Modify your order before this date
  • Monday, Modify by 5:00pm on the Thursday before
  • Tuesday, Modify by 5:00pm on the Friday before
  • Wednesday, Modify by 5:00pm on the Monday before
  • Thursday, Modify by 5:00pm on the Tuesday before
  • Friday, Modify by 5:00pm on the Wednesday before
You can order with total confidence because we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with an item you receive, we will credit your account for the value of the item. Please get in touch with a customer service representative at OrderDesk@officegrocery.com if you have any questions/issues about any order.
For credit card payments we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay by cheque or direct deposit.
Our minimum order requirement for a fruit order is $35. For any order with dry-goods it is $50 (excluding taxes).
Office Grocery doesn’t charge a delivery fee on orders above $35 that fit onto one of one of our pre-existing delivery routes. Please contact us directly to find out delivery options and rates to your office.

I have more questions!

Call us at 1-888-418-8405 or email info@officegrocery.com. Real people answer the phones from 8am to 5pm EST. Monday through Friday. We value your business and your satisfaction is our # 1 priority, we will respond right away.