Office Kitchen

Full Service Solutions for Your Office

Full Service Solutions for Your Office

Since our inception Office Grocery has provided full service stocking solutions for our clients. Whatever your needs, be it multiple kitchens/ floors/ or buildings Office Grocery will ensure that all your needs will be taken care of.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    We can manage your grocery program so you don’t have to worry about placing orders. We setup the program framework based on your needs and budget and then we manage the stock levels, ensuring you have the right amount of inventory on hand.

  • Free equipment

    Free Equipment

    • Baskets
    • Bowls
    • Racks
    • Coolers

    We want your office to look good, so we can provide equipment to help you accomplish your goals.

  • Stocking Systems

    Complex Stocking Systems

    If you have multiple kitchen areas we can help. No matter how complex your office is we have tools to help organize your grocery program and ensure each area is stocked with the products you want, the way you want it.

  • Off Hour Stocking

    Off Hour Stocking

    • Early morning
    • Weekends

    With key fob access we can stock your office on weekends and early mornings so your office is setup and ready before the workday starts.

  • Off Hour Stocking

    Trail Mix Dispenser Program

    We will provide your office with trail mix dispensers so your team can enjoy delicious bulk snacks like nuts, trail mix and candy.

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